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Philips Wolkjes-doek /Clouds-cloth "naturel"

Philips Wolkendoek /Clouds cloth

Price: 30.00 euro. (30cm x 30cm)

 Price per 900cm2

New cloth for Philips radio's from the early 30's .

Natural colour.so every-one can make his own "original" colour to the cloth.

With water stain very easy to colour it the way you like it.

We do have  pre-coloured cloth  for you here on this website.

If your wisjed colour is not there to find , just contact us and we can colour it for you .Costs  3.00 euro extra

Met waterbeits heel eenvoudig zelf naar eigen wens te kleuren.

Ook kunnen wij uw doek  kleuren naar uw wensen. Meerprijs daarvoor 3,00 euro

For allmost every cloth are  allso other measurements possible.

lenght cm x with cm = total cm2 :  900CM2 x 15 euro

So this way you can calculate  a price indication for your  cloth size.

If bigger cloth is needed we make nice price offcourse