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At BenDijkman&Co you can find new and original parts for Vintage Audio/ Radio.
We are specialized in making repro dials knobs back panel and many others parts. 
Also we have original and n.o.s. parts sometimes.
If you should need some parts ; Just let us know.
All we need is a good original  example. Then we can make reproduction from that item.
We do "BenDijkman&Co" just for hobby and during our free-time.
Every penny we make, is used again to invent en produce new products  that are not available anymore. 
So whatever others may think or say: Ben Dijkman&Co is not commercial. 
Best regards ,
Ben Dijkman &Co




Updated 17-10-2018 


N.O.S:  6 core signal cable.

Can allso be used  for (tube/coil- microphone, remote-controllers, headphones, telephones.


We now allso can make backpanel with 4 edged holes and other "not round shaped" holes.

This is an examle of our latest reproductionpanel: Philips RR XVI Radiorurale.



New : Replacement 40's Cloth.

For many radio's like  Erres, Aetherkruiser and  Philips.

For example:   BX462 BX290U BX300 KY507 KY508 KY509  AK1501 or AK 1502.


 70's speakerbox cloth.



Zenith Cloth:  wave pattern.



New:  Vinyl plano cabinet covering.




NEW: Philips BX680 / BX690 Dail.


New striped 77 Cloth.

1 piece of this cloth: Front and back have different colours  ~<{[;^)X=


New badge of  Philips 658U dials in Stock




Telfa Dial/Cadran. ( Only 3 pieces available)



Allso new in stock :

Original : 0,5 mm dial drive cord .


Drive roll: Philips 3902 porteldisk  deliverable again !


Last stock : 3 pieces ..BX290U dial .



New Tesla 306U & 308U  Back-panel:

New dials:


Philips BE-282-U

 Sonorette Mirror dial:

Sonora : Mirror dial.

RadioMarelli : Mirror dial.

Beolit 48

Rare Original Philips Radio /p.u. 

Only exchance for other rare Philips radio in good shape   possible.                 Wanted  as an exchance object is f.i. this radiomodel .




New clothings : 

 Very sound-open cloth . Vintage speakercloth with gold-glitter




New: Tesla Talisman Knobs..


New gold cloth:




New !


Philips 209U-16 dial available


Dial available   for the M.B.L.E  Super Stereo Amplifier .


We have new  stock 30's philips knobs  brown &black  deliverable.


New Items:

S.N.R. Excelsior Mirror dails:

It has been a hell of a job to realise these mirror dails.

For more than 2 years  we have worked on this project to get  the right quallity.

So we are proud that we finally have allso these dails in our shop. 


 Various: New Philips probe caps: 7,50 euro a.p .



 Book "Philips Honderd".

The Philips history  1891-1991 illustrated with beautiful pictures on every  page .

Prijs: 14.00 euro inclusief track&trace verzendkosten binnen Nederland.

Price: 22.00 euro including track&trace shippin to Europe.