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At BenDijkman&Co you can find new and original parts for Vintage Audio/ Radio.
We are specialized in making repro dials knobs and many others parts. 
Also we have original and n.o.s. parts sometimes.
If you should need any parts that we do not have here; Just let us know.
All we need is a good original  example. Then we can make reproduction from that item.
We do "BenDijkman&Co" just for hobby and during our free-time.
Every penny we make, is used again to invent en produce new products  that are not available anymore. 
So whatever others may think or say: Ben Dijkman&Co is not commercial. 
Best regards ,
Ben Dijkman &Co


Updated 01-12-2016 :

Drive roll: Philips 3902 porteldisk  deliverable again !


Last stock : 3 pieces ..BX290U dial .



New Tesla 306U & 308U  Back-panel:

New dials:


Philips BE-282-U

 Sonorette Mirror dial:

Sonora : Mirror dial.

RadioMarelli : Mirror dial.

Beolit 48

Rare Original Philips Radio /p.u. 

Only exchance for other rare Philips radio in good shape   possible.                 Wanted  as an exchance object is f.i. this radiomodel .


Philips Pick-up -amplifier.

Not for sale.

Only  exchance other rare Philips radio.


New clothings : 

 Very sound-open cloth . Vintage speakercloth with gold-glitter


Brown 470A version

New: Tesla Talisman Knobs..


New gold cloth:



Lots of  new Original knobs ...



New !


Philips 209U-16 dial available


Dial available   for the M.B.L.E  Super Stereo Amplifier .


We have new  stock 30's philips knobs  brown &black  deliverable.


Mask for  Bang& Olufson  "Beolit"radio.



Wanted : Studer B62 pinch roller  (aandrukrol)



New Items:

S.N.R. Excelsior Mirror dails:

It has been a hell of a job to realise these mirror dails.

For more than 2 years  we have worked on this project to get  the right quallity.

So we are proud that we finally have allso these dails in our shop. 


Very hard to find philips wave-lenght knob.



Various: New Philips probe caps: 7,50 euro a.p .






 Book "Philips Honderd".

The Philips history  1891-1991 illustrated with beautiful pictures on every  page .

Prijs: 14.00 euro inclusief track&trace verzendkosten binnen Nederland.

Price: 22.00 euro including track&trace shippin to Europe.